MAGIC incubator

As part of the MMMagic Enterprise, we are operating the M3 Incubator - a concept development collective headed by Marshall Monroe.  This incubator is purpose built to bring veteran science and technology innovators from government, industry, academia, the arts, and philanthropy together with young people interested in prototyping the future.  This exciting initiative engages talent from around the globe and takes on significant challenges as presented to us by clients, our partners, and our conscience. 

For us, incubation can result in new ventures, but it can also mean new content projects, partnerships, joint ventures, and investment integrations.  Don't look for sterile dorms and cold pizza in this incubator - we're re-writing the book on Innovation Environments Design and practicing what we preach with new tools, organic pattern languages, hospitality prototyping, and sustainability.



MIXONIUM is our second venture, focusing on solving the challenge of file type silos in the modern web.  This is a grand vision to not only make it faster and easier to publish rich media packages, but along the way we intend to deepen the discourse on the web as well..



Diving into digital fine art is something we have been passionate about for over 20 years.  The latest incarnations of this fascinating venture include works for private as well as corporate collections.  Watch for our latest monumental installation at a Starbucks concept cafe in North America (Confidential location!).



The latest development from our multi-generational creative invention team that could revolutionize public information as well as commercial open-source intelligence.  Look for this new publishing "Fusion Media Channel Network" to launch later this year.