Dreamstation for iPad
Based on the book  "Dream Too BIG?"   By Marshall Monroe


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DreamStation™ for iPad is the latest native iOS creation from the Mobile Experience Studio at Marshall Monroe MAGIC.

The app, based on the illustrated book Dream Too BIG?, by Marshall Monroe, is a personal creative sandbox, designed from scratch to inspire and enable dreamers of all ages. From a page-turning animated poem, and a movie with original score, to productivity tools that help trigger, refine, organize, and share your new ideas, this app is a swiss army knife for the imagination.

The book, and the app alike are inspired by images of NASA's Hubble space telescope, which reminds us regularly of the bewildering vastness of our universe, and the possibilities we can find and create there. It is this vastness and grandure that can inspire us to imagine, to pursue fruition, and to encourage one-another to do the same.
So join the fun, and the adventure, as we all discover that no Dream is too BIG!

For help email support@marshallmonroemagic.com