Disney Roots

Marshall Monroe spent 14 years as a designer, principle technologist, and creative executive with Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Company Research and Development. Here we see a sampling of the types of conceptual, storytelling, and advanced technology projects he was directly involved in.

"From a historical standpoint, I was fortunate to arrive at Disney in the mid-1980's when many of the original artists and conceptualizers were still active at Disney. In particular, I am thankful for the experiences I had working with John Hench, Marc Davis, Walt Stanchfield, and Marty Sklar. I am only beginning to understand, in retrospect, the depth of their insight, originality, artistry, technical tenacity, and sense of social stewardship." -M. Monroe

Walt Disney Company- Research and Development Founding Member
Captain EO - Disneyland
Star Tours - Disneyland
Splash Mountain Water FX - Disneyland
Blizzard Beach Water Park
Wonders of Life Pavilion - EPCOT
Walt Disney Feature Animation - Digital Drawing Tools
Walt Disney Artist Development - Special Programs.