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As we look back at our first decade as a studio/laboratory inventing the field of Creative Strategies and Quantum Leap Services, no technology has stood to impact our private, public, and NGO client networks as profoundly as mobile communications and smart handheld devices.

As a result, we have launched a specialty capability in this area, complete with a world-class design and engineering team, assisting clients who wish to leverage this new medium. Our goal is not to be "another quick app shop." At Marshall Monroe MAGIC, our unique vision is to serve clients in efforts to conceptualize and implement seismic business development and change initiatives, and we believe mobile technologies can be a driver and/or catalyst of such initiatives.

Mobile systems can drive a radical review and audit of customer service excellence. They will change how capital and development dollars are invested. They will impact the risk models and geographies of business. They can drive a total re-think of what it means to be a "destination." They can change the speed and productivity of teams - especially as the next generation of talent and employees come online in the workforce. Mobile industries will alter the fundamental landscape of our economies. They will transform the value propositions of real estate. And they can make whole categories of commercial business more intuitive, speedy, and fun for customers.

Shallow initiatives in mobile will come and go in a flash.

Our interest is in migrating sustainable depth of value creating propositions into this new medium with a continued high watermark level of clarity, ingenuity, innovation, and quality that has been the hallmark of our work since our founding.

This is our vision, and our endeavor. If you'd like to explore a project or initiative with us, don't hesitate to call.
The time is now for mobile Magic!

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