Making Magic.

Excellent Ideas. Big ones. Bold Ones. Ideas that drive change …for the better. Ideas that improve our situation: in industry, organizations, congregations, municipalities, our personal lives... How do we create, nurture, and filter those ideas? How do we achieve excellence in articulating (read as "selling") the new vision? What does the journey into the unknown of realization-implementation look like? And how can we navigate it?

Omni-Lateral Innovation is the structured, proprietary, and high performance system for developing world-class, competitively robust and strategically integrated answers to these questions. By providing a matrix for managing and optimizing concurrent threads such as economics, ideation, collaboration, blue sky creativity, advanced technology, implementation realities, communication, testing/design, and corporate values, OLI has proven effective in converting challenges into strategic and economic opportunities (see client list, references provided upon request).

From state-wide economic development, to the International Space Station, to National Laboratories Advanced Concepts, to Entertainment content and mixed-use urban redevelopment planning, OLI has delivered consistent world-class results. It has delivered business successes so imaginative, integrated, and effective that clients share our passion for referring to the process and end-product as "Magic".

The insights of OLI did not come overnight. The fascination with the questions of Creative Excellence have been with me as long as I can remember. From my days as a software consultant to the Department of Defense in junior high, to studying neuroscience at Stanford, to leading large creative and R&D projects at Disney to working as an independent advisor with organizations large and small, the core fascination has remained constant. And the empirical research data began to pile up. So I decided to codify it into a concise, practical model that can inform ideas and new visions of all types.

How can we reinvent our reality with mastery, stewardship, leadership and profit? And I do mean profit. Changing the world is hard work. Changing it for the better is profound work. And getting tangible results is mighty rewarding. We give the label "Magic" to projects that are conceived and executed with vision, inspiration, regimen and optimal Omni-Lateral quality. We’ve got some powerful information on how to achieve those results and we’re eager to share it. Whether it is in the form of training, consultation, or targeted design development services, our proprietary system can inspire and improve products, projects and people.

A word of caution: we are not in this for the theory. We are out to change the world. This work is about converting potential to concrete value with maximum speed, efficiency and impact. Our approach is decidedly heuristic--meaning that we speak from a position of practical experience. If you are looking for esoteric hypotheses by sideline "creativity" charlatans, go to

-Marshall Monroe, February 2002, Albuquerque New Mexico