The Magic Canyon Institute

Wanna Change the World? We're working on just that at The Magic Canyon Institute. As part of the Marshall Monroe MAGIC vision and mission, MCi is more than a camp, retreat center, or workshop; it’s an innovative and audacious vision centered on training a new generation of leaders who want to achieve a positive and adaptive transformation of our world. This exclusive approach is born of 30 years practicing innovation, design and storytelling at the highest of global industries. The program delivers exceptional results to our clients through a fusion of professional development, heuristics, immersion, and teambuilding. It is an opportunity to look forward and chart a course for individuals and enterprises, congregations and collectives. It is an encounter with experience and a skillset born of the art and practice of Making Magic. MCi engages in both physical and virtual environments where community and creativity can flourish:

  • The Magic Canyon Ranch; filled with spectacular wildlife and pristine riparian ecosystems.
  • A Mobile-Digital Ultra Media Content Delivery Platform for Learning and Portfolio publishing.
  • The Barn Studio and the Talent Pool; rich in texture and symbolism, while supercharged with the ultimate in information and communications technology.
  • The Crystal Ball Room and our collaborative production network; a secure virtual team hub for facilitating new ideas and the realization of finished products.
  • Production Technologies for Camera, Audio, Post Production and Publishing to Emerging Media Formats.
  • Our Prototype Shop, Stage, and Atelier; where refined artistry is being re-discovered and physical fabrication can serve as a primary outcome or support larger objectives.
  • Our Mockup and Test facilities where the virtual and physical worlds fuse into a new reality.

Ultimately, MCi is a community of Dreamers, DOers and Collaborators who share a vision that is not just about commercial survival in a global economy, but is about making a better world and making good time - with the emphasis on good. MCi delivers, via our Omni-Lateral Innovation framework, a spectrum of creative options and groundbreaking solutions. We invite our clients to participate in this experience - to touch the lifestyle that we strive to achieve, teach and perpetuate; to absorb deep-dive research and participate in the journey of authentic innovation. Because there is no question that what the world needs now is more Magic!

— Marshall Monroe, Magic Canyon Ranch, 2016